One day at a time

There are days with a high amount of distractions, there are days with a good connection to myself and there are days like today. Awful ones. The emptiness inside hurts so much. My… Weiterlesen

Have a break babe

Are you busy? I am. All day long. Physically, mentally. Keeping myself busy in my actions, while jumping from one task to the next without pause. Sometimes doing things not even in a… Weiterlesen

Dear August

You’re just half way through, but I have to tell you, I’ve already got enough of you. I’ll take off for your second half. You challenged me a lot and I not just… Weiterlesen

My boy is free

I could hear the sound of eternity in your last deep-drawn sigh before you closed your eyes and let go in full peace   thank you for your unconditional love thank you for… Weiterlesen

Lighten up!

Complexity creates a mess in your body in your mind same for indifference, avoidance, denial get yourself sorted accept where you are accept what you are going through free yourself open up to liberate… Weiterlesen

Love is the answer

The sun rises, every single morning, changing the light, changing the world into a stunning beauty. Let your inner sun rise too, every single morning. When being in a difficult phase of your… Weiterlesen

The secret of life

The secret of life: Stop taking things too serious. What things? Well, honestly babe, everything. Yourself. Your life. People around you. Your job. Bad things happen and they go. Good things happen, and they… Weiterlesen

Set your heart on fire

Life feels better being passionate! No matter what you’re doing, put your full heart into it. Start talking about love. Start feeling love within yourself. Start using this term. No matter if it’s… Weiterlesen

Get used to a habit changing approach 

I’m a quite organized person, my days timed. Not just the taurus in me likes this, it’s just how I get everything done. However I also know, sometimes this corset is becoming to… Weiterlesen

Good Morning!

Breakfast Protein Pancakes This is a yummy start into your day! Love these pancakes, eventually add some more fruits for the ‚fresh part‘ of your breakfast. Wanna try? Here you go, fits for two… Weiterlesen