Release darling

She told him clearly, next time he does this to her will be the last time. This is today. Yes, he did it again. She won’t accept any excuse. She deserves to be… Weiterlesen

Love me

I said yes. Yes to let go, yes to just flow. I used to overanalyze, discussing – mainly with myself – is this really what I want, is it 100% right, calculating risks…… Weiterlesen

Life is good

Life is good I’ve been through my own fair share of crazy shit. I’ve been loved, I’ve been betrayed many times. I’ve been through a lot of different kinds of relationships and break… Weiterlesen

I am the ocean

My latest learning was a tough journey, as I went though a rollercoaster of intense emotions for quite some time. Finally I was able to dig into the essence. I like the visualization… Weiterlesen

Learn to trust your inner guide

To establish a proper connection to ourselves is crucial, particularly when it comes to health and wellbeing – not to mention happiness! We learn how to connect in yoga and meditation, but honestly,… Weiterlesen

Let go

„Life is a balance of holding on and letting go“ ♥ Rumi   I let my hair fall down and started to dance swinging my hips flowing and just be the practice of letting… Weiterlesen


My boy, my love, my sweet soul… I can’t believe it’s already one year since you left…. your collars and leashes are still hanging at the coatrack, untouched…. my god, one year, really? I couldn’t… Weiterlesen

The chaos within me is looking for balance

I just finished my meditation, still sitting outside, a glas of wine in my hand, watching the sky. Some single clouds catching the rest of the sun, the moon is already telling us… Weiterlesen

up’s and down’s

The wild woman fell down. The landing was unexpected hard, as she thought she was prepared. Her intensity, her pureness wasn’t appreciated. Her siren call not heard. Her sword is still in its… Weiterlesen

The miracle is now

Do you know situations, when you’re limiting yourself? I do. Am just in the mid of extreme times, feeling somehow crazy, intense feelings and same time trying to dimm them down, hide them.… Weiterlesen