Granola DIY

Granola ??? Honestly I searched for granola AFTER I prepared some myself. I was confused. WTF is granola? Hmmmm, I decided, I don’t care…. For me it’s that crunchy awesome stuff between my… Weiterlesen


Love, never stop believing! I know, sometimes it’s really tough. Do it anyhow: stop analyzing. Get rid of overthinking. Breathe. Smile, even if you don’t feel like. Believe in you. Believe you are… Weiterlesen

Take risks

There’s no life at the safe side of life. I walked on green gras. This kind of early morning texture, already kissed by the sun, but still slightly wet. Refreshing, nourishing, fulfilling, intense.… Weiterlesen

Sun catcher

Look at her! She catches the sun, guides her into her heart to shine from there. The warmth flows through her, slowly reaching each single cell. The suns’ companion – bliss – knocks… Weiterlesen

Happy beach girl

She’s at the beach, breathing the ocean. She inhales the salty air, exhales tension. She inhales joy, exhales sadness. She inhales ease, exhales pain. She inhales freedom, exhales fear. She inhales the ocean,… Weiterlesen

A questions you should be clear about

I was stumbling upon a question, that really got me. It can be answered quite easily. Without thinking, boom, here’s my answer. Really? What if you think about it? Here you go: What… Weiterlesen

Lift your life up

Get out of your routine darling! The first warm days of the year, the first green sprouts, the first colors are coming back. Nature wakes up, so should you! It’s not always about… Weiterlesen

Hello life

Let’s dance life Babe, love me stop thinking feel Close your eyes spread your arms lift your lips breathe feel your happiness let it go let it flow be easy love me.

Time traveling

Softening into my nature. I closed my eyes for an eye-opening experience. A soul journey, meant to go into one of my previous lives. I’m not sure if it was exactly that or… Weiterlesen


She needs a rest Feeling her roots The waves of the ocean still resonate with her Even if there’s nothing more than an idea left She’s desperate To fulfill her longing   The… Weiterlesen