So long!

Why is it so tough to die? Don’t we deserve a happy end? Laughing, our arms spread out, singing, here I am, let’s go! He deserved it so much. But his journey was… Weiterlesen


She opens herself brave, bold she wants it all free fall into life open, honest, real   communication throws her back once again wake up babe reality is not romantic   f*** no… Weiterlesen

House Advertising!

Are there any yogis out there? Want to give it a try? If you’re based in Zürich, move your ass to class! Morning, afternoon, evening – got you covered, no excuses anymore! Find all… Weiterlesen

Remind yourself

Don’t know about you, but maybe you need these kind of reminders too from time to time? I definitely do. It’s kind of in my blood and all of a sudden I turn… Weiterlesen

Delicious Golden Milk

Minus 10 degrees outside – brrrrrrrrr – so the best time to pamper my body with some awesome golden milk – yummie! I was quite surprised seeing fresh turmeric in the local supermarket,… Weiterlesen

Thank you

Lovely people, readers, colleagues, friends – yes, you sunshine! Let’s open this book called 2017 and start writing the story we’re so much after. I strongly believe, that things happen for a reason.… Weiterlesen

Happy holidays

My little world

  The world is going crazy. It seems this year was made of extremes. Extremes in both directions — amazing things happened, but unfortunately the bad side of life showed up too in… Weiterlesen

City Blues

How funny, what a city can initiate… without doing anything! I know that certain cities make my heart jump, lift my lips into a smile, allow me to breathe in an unknown depth… Weiterlesen

Love me now