How to manage yourself in over busy times

You know this, right… these times when you just think, TOO MUCH. Even if everything can be organized and there are still some tiny spots of free time in your calendar, it’s your… Weiterlesen

Skin love

The Beauty Products You’re Going to Fall in Love With Natural body care — not just as a yogini, but as a woman, I care about my mind, I care about my body.… Weiterlesen

Change your life! 

So many times I’m asking myself, hell, why? Why did I sign up for this, why did I agree in doing this? Why the heck do I challenge myself again and again and… Weiterlesen


I stopped by the lake earlier, the place my dog and I usually went for a swim. My heart was pounding like mad…. when I called my boy. All of a sudden, the… Weiterlesen

No judgement

Back home from surf camp life. Tired. Happy. A gorgeous week, entirely different in many terms. I planed lots of yoga, breathing salty air, internal work, silence, readjusting myself, physically and mentally. I… Weiterlesen

Traffic jams of life

Your emergency help in 4 steps We’re all facing this from time to time – a bit of a chaos, obstacles, roadblocks. People around, you can’t deal with. They make you feel stopped or simply… Weiterlesen

Enough said?

Believe it or not, love.breathe.shine published 287 articles so far! I started the blog in March 2013, without any expectations. I remember my mom asking me, what if you run out of ideas? Honestly,… Weiterlesen

One day at a time

There are days with a high amount of distractions, there are days with a good connection to myself and there are days like today. Awful ones. The emptiness inside hurts so much. My… Weiterlesen

Have a break babe

Are you busy? I am. All day long. Physically, mentally. Keeping myself busy in my actions, while jumping from one task to the next without pause. Sometimes doing things not even in a… Weiterlesen

Dear August

You’re just half way through, but I have to tell you, I’ve already got enough of you. I’ll take off for your second half. You challenged me a lot and I not just… Weiterlesen