Make happiness your attitude

Two and a half years ago I published an article, that’s still the most widely read on my blog. That time I wrote in German, and the title „Mach mehr von dem, was dich glücklich macht“ would translate into „make more of what makes you happy“. I’m not going to translate this post, but it inspires me to write once again about this topic.

This is what we want to be, happy, right? First of all, what does it mean to be happy? Seriously, ask yourself that question, what makes you happy? How does it feel to be happy? No, I’m not referring to any material stuff. Even if this makes us happy. For at least a moment or a certain time. It’s also not about others. If you are in a happy relationship, congrats! But this is not YOUR happiness, it’s a happy relationship. I’m talking about this awesome feeling deep inside. This sun shining within you. This feeling can be triggered by someone or something, but it’s independent from anything external. It’s your inner sun. Your inner peace. YOUR happiness.

Those triggers might be these either smaller things, such as a smile from a stranger, a note from a friend, you name it. It might be an amazing experience that let this feeling of happiness arise again and again when thinking of it. This pure happiness, this unconditional self love, living in you. Got it?

How to activate

Be mindful. Go internal. Listen. Feel. Be aware. Be clear who you are: you are not your job. Not your emails. You are not what other people want you to. You are not your roles. Make yourself a favor and be true to yourself. Decide to let go of anything that doesn’t make you happy. I know, this can be quite tough sometimes. It’s an exercise of detaching.

The trick is to implement a strategy of saying „stop“ internally, as soon as you recognize, you’re moving into something you don’t want to. Take a deep breath. And decide on how you want to react. Which path you want to walk.

Whenever you find yourself in a situation, that drags you down, ask yourself: is it really about me? I beg not. So get out of it. Focus on yourself, connect to your inner sun and start shining again. Also recognize the little lovely things you are facing and answer with a smile! Feel that smile, let it fill your body from the inside out. Make yourself independent. YOU decide.

Whatever you want to, do it. Realize your dreams. Stop having excuses. Do it. Be true to yourself. YOU CAN do whatever you desire. Find a way. Sometimes it’s just about being courageous. Getting out of your comfort zone. All up to you. Nobody else.

Be you. Authentic, not perfect. Original, real, vulnerable, open. Free. Be you. Make more of what makes you happy. Break the rules. Make happiness your attitude.


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